Bodybuilding For Beginners

Bodybuilding requires a tremendous amount of patience, commitment, and discipline in order to succeed. Below are some things to consider before taking up bodybuilding that will help you sustain your goals and make the best of it.

Be Aware of Your Motivation as a Beginner in a Body Building Program

Remember that iron determination will equal an iron physique when it comes to bodybuilding. You have to be prepared to muster a lot of mental discipline and stamina. Perseverance comes only through practice. You can forget about doing things on impulse until you establish a habitual exercise routine.

Some reasons to begin bodybuilding are better than others. You can be motivated to go for a month, for a year, or longer, all depending on your reasons. In order to succeed, you will need iron determination and long hard hours in the gym, so you need to first be clear about what is motivating you. Take up a pen and paper and write down all of your reasons for wanting to body build. Some may be very personal. Then, number then by order of importance. Will these reasons sustain you on those days when you feel just too tired or busy to go to the gym? Get clear first.

Benefits of Bodybuilding for Beginners

If you’ve written out your list, you should now have a good idea about what things are motivating you to begin body building. Here are some additional benefits to consider:

-Strain is put on your joints as well as your bones when you lift weights. This strengthens your bones. Strong bones protect against breakage.

-Muscles are sexy. Bodybuilding increases muscle size and firmness, and enhances overall body shape.

-Muscles are strong. Weight lifting enhances performance in other sports and exercises and increase your cardiovascular endurance. The reason you are able to perform at a higher level is that weight lifting increases both muscular strength and the ability to tolerate more intense exercise.

-Body building gears the metabolism to burn fat. By adding muscle to your body through weight lifting, you will increase your metabolic rate. When you increase your metabolism you increase the amount of fat burning enzymes in your body. Also, larger muscles burn more calories. This means you’ll burn more body fat even at rest.

Tips for Beginning Body Builders

Now that you are committed it’s time to get pumpin’. Here are some guidelines to help you as you begin your program.

When it comes to bodybuilding, bigger and stronger is the name of the game. One of the great things about bodybuilding is that you can achieve great results with only very basic equipment and a few hours of training three to four times per week.

The key to building bigger and stronger muscles is to keep progressively adding more and more weight over time. Building bigger muscles is about consistent regular training, eating properly, getting plenty of rest. Just like starting any new exercise program, it is important to first check with your doctor before starting a bodybuilding program.

In the beginning it is vitally important that you start slow and learn proper technique. Professional body builders say that technique is one of most important aspects of getting an effective workout. It may be beneficial to schedule a session with a professional trainer in the beginning. If this is not an option for you there are a multitude of instructional books on the subject of bodybuilding technique.

Lifting heavy weight damages muscle fibers. It is only when the muscles repair themselves that they grow larger and stronger. Therefore it is very important that each muscle group is given enough rest following each workout. This is why most body builders alternate muscle groups. For example, you might work on your back on Monday, your legs on Tuesday, your chest on Wednesday, and your arms on Friday. Most successful body builders recommend that you work a particular muscle group only twice per week. To increase the size of your muscles, you will need to progressively increase poundage. Be patient. Overworking your muscles can actually have adverse effects. If you maintain a consistent regular workout routine coupled with proper nutrition and rest you will begin to see results in no time.

Basic Exercises for Major Muscle Groups


1. Flat Bench Press
2. Dips
3. Incline Bench Press


1. Squats
2. Straight Leg Dead Lifts
3. Leg Press


1. Pull ups
2. Barbell Rows
3. Deadlifts


1. Curls
2. Incline curls


1. Lying Tricep Extensions
2. Close Grip Bench Press


1. Military Press.

When you first start to lift weights, find the right weight that allows you to do 8 to 12 repetitions of the same movement with the same weight. If you are able to repeat it more than 12 times the weight is too easy for you. If you can’t do at least 8 reps the weight is too heavy. This 8 to 12 repetition practice is called a set. A beginning weight lifter should only be doing one or two sets of any weight lifting movement at one time. The question may come up of whether it is best to use weight machines or free weights. The general consensus is that free weights are your best option for increasing muscle mass. Machines are typically used for isolating muscles and are great at making muscles appear larger temporarily before professional bodybuilding competitions.

Final Tips

Beginners often forget that the way you breathe when lifting weights is important. Incorrect or insufficient breathing can elevate your blood pressure. Concentrate on inhaling on the eccentric (lowering phase) of the lift and exhale on the concentric (lifting phase) of the lift.

Work your largest muscles first when weight lifting. Smaller muscles get tired more easily. If they tire too quickly they can’t help you work your large muscles. The first things you are going to work are your chest, back, shoulders and thighs. Then you do weight lifting exercises for your arms, abdominals and calves last. If you’re new to weight lifting, I would suggest picking 6-8 exercises that covers all the major body parts above. Perform these exercises 2-3 times per week making sure you allow at least 48 hours between workout sessions, so your body has time to recover.

Keep in mind it is common to see more obvious results initially and in overtime your gains will seem less apparent. This is because your body becomes adjusted to your work out routine and in a way, knows what to expect. It is best to keep your body guessing by changing your workout routine on a regular basis.

If you decide to go the gym route, make sure that you go to a reputable gym with trainers that know what they are doing and who are used to working with bodybuilding beginners. Word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals can help you gauge the reputation of a gym. It will be important to attend a gym with clientele that are just as focused and determined as you. Welcome support and be supportive when you can. A good environment matters.

Finally, take care of your self holistically. What you eat and drink counts towards your success, as well as the amount of sleep you get. Stay focused and you will experience your body building goals before you know it.