Is Female Bodybuilding Any Easier?

Many women go into bodybuilding exercise programs because they like the challenge of the sport. They find it either as taxing, or just as easy, as men do. Also like men, they want their bodies to look and feel good.  When someone works out, they are strengthening their muscles and mind.

Women also work out to take pride in their body. When the western ‘ideal’ of a woman’s body is that of a tall, bony, waif-like being – an unattainable body type for most women – bodybuilding for a strong and healthy body can be a great way to combat and counteract the pressure to use that image perception as some type of yardstick for female health and beauty.

Female bodybuilders have an extra challenge to overcome. The main disadvantage is that if the exercise is neglected, there is a fast weight gain that can be very demoralizing due to the tendancy of the estrogen hormone to store fat. Since women pack on weight much faster than men, they need to be especially committed to their specific regimen. Bodybuilding exercise will help women control their weight.

Bodybuilding Exercise Means Building of Muscle In Women Too

There are some myths when it comes to women and the building of muscle. One is that women can’t get bulky or build muscle to any significant extent. This isn’t exactly true. Some women can get bulky, depending on the body type of the individual. Can they get as bulky as men can? No, but some women naturally have more muscle tissue than other women and can build muscle more easily.

Just as with men, it depends on the body type, the individual’s particular physiology, and how committed the woman is to preserving and growing muscle during childbearing years.

When women say they don’t want to get bulky, they are not saying they don’t want to end up looking like Arnold Schwarzeneggar. They are not comparing their muscles to men’s muscles at all. They are comparing them to other women’s muscles (this is what a lot of male trainers who train females don’t understand.) They are simply saying they prefer the long and lean look; not the stouter and bulkier look that some women do have, and can cultivate through natural bodybuilding.

So, to answer the question “Is female bodybuilding any easier,” the answer is no. In fact, considering the additional physical, cultural, and societal challenges particular to women, some would say it’s harder. Bodybuilding can be a very personal activity. When women choose bodybuilding as the avenue to accomplish their health and fitness goals, they should have strategies in place to overcome these added challenges.